• Full Development

    Once the design has been completed and accepted by all stakeholders, the full development process can begin.

    Equipment is procured, racks are built, first fix cabling is installed at the site and more complex systems are staged & tested prior to installation on site to ensure that everything functions as expected.

    This is also the time that any control software is also written and tested to ensure that it meets the requirements of the scope, as well as any agreed storyboard.

  • Control System Software

    Developing the software that controls the Audio Visual system is one of the most important steps, as this is how the end user interacts with the system every day.

    We always provide a user interface that is so intuitive to use, anyone will be able to operate the system with no instruction at all. This does not mean that the control of the system is simple - all the complexities are taken care of for the user.

    You can find examples of recent touch panel designs in the 'Project Snapshots' area at the bottom of this page.

  • Testing Documentation

    We have used many systems in the past to test and certify audio visual systems and always found that they are either lacking in some areas, or are too 'generic' and have far too many check items that are not specific to the system being checked, resulting in 'N/A' being scattered all over the completed document.

    To ensure that testing documentation is concise, bespoke documents are created for each system, based on the actual equipment in that system, along with the expected operation as per the scope.

    Once completed, these documents are left with the complete system for future reference.

Touch panel

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