• Design Led Ethos

    At Adcav, we believe that any successful project is led by the various elements of design, from the very first system concepts to the 'User Interface' that the customer will use to control the installed system.

    If the system schematics, layouts, Cable & IP Schedules and other design documents are well prepared and have been cross-checked against the scope of works, the project will always come to a swifter, more successful conclusion.

    When it comes to the 'User Interface', we passionately believe that the simpler the better. This however must not be confused with 'Basic' or 'Standard' - Adcav designed user interfaces are far from it! Again led by design, if a 'User Interface' looks good, is customer specific and is intuitive to operate, the project is much more likely to get early acceptance from the customer.

  • Schematics

    We can produce system schematics to CAD standards defined by you or using our own. These schematics are then checked against the scope of works, kit lists and any other design documentation to ensure that no discrepancies are found - finding them at this stage is crucial.

  • User Interfaces

    To enable early acceptance of any User Interface, Adcav can produce a 'Story Board' document that walks the customer through the operation of the system. This was, changes can be made prior to the system being installed. Once this has been signed off by the customer, acceptance of it is guaranteed as the client will already be fully aware of what the user interface will look like and how the system will operate.

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